24 April 2019
(FR) L'équipe R2I du LIS sur le podium @VarDial2019


Adrian CHIFU a représenté l’équipe R2I du LIS à la compétition organisée pour VarDial2019 (https://sites.google.com/view/vardial2019/campaign), workshop en colocation avec NACL2019 (https://naacl2019.org). Ses 3 soumissions pour la première sous-tâche MRC (Moldavian vs. Romanian Cross-dialect Topic identification - binary classification by dialect) ont été classées 2ème, 3ème et respectivement 4ème.

Résumé de l'article en anglais :

This article presents the model that generated the runs submitted by the R2I LIS team to the VarDial2019 evaluation campaign, more particularly, to the binary classification by dialect sub-task of the Moldavian vs. Romanian Cross-dialect Topic identification (MRC) task. The team proposed a majority vote-based model, between five supervised machine learning models, trained on forty manually- crafted features. One of the three submitted runs was ranked second at the binary classifi- cation sub-task, with a performance of 0.7963, in terms of macro-F1 measure. The other two runs were ranked third and fourth, respectively.